Black Soap

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Black soap is an all natural soap that thoroughly cleans the body of dirt, oil and impurities. The all natural ingredients of black soap helps with problematic skin like eczema, acne, dark spots, and hair bump just to name a few; also it is great as a daily cleanser for your face and body, leaving the skin looking clean. Great for all skin types, and can be used for the whole family.

*Essential Oil options are only for the liquid black soap

*Full list of ingredients below 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Must have

The owner said this was good for my skin and I was willing to try it. I suffer from Lupus and survived cancer and my skin need so much help. I use this with the Eczema and my skin feels so much better

Best for acne

I've struggled with acne for years and have tried everything I was told to try, I found this at a farmers market and as always willing to try anything that will help with acne, and boy did it. I will say that it was a bit drying however she told me that the facial oil balance everything out and gave me a little cute sample of it and that did the trick. I use the black soap and the facial oil and I have the best skin in a long time.

Best soap for an 12 year old with eczema

We found this place at a pop up and man it was the best thing that happen to my nephew. He has horrible bad ezema on his arms and alway embarrassed to show them we try the ezema lotion and oil, but they gifted us a soap. He started using the soap which never made him itch and it clear up his arms that now he don't have to hide them anymore. Thank you for the amazing products that we will continue to show off and use forever. ❤️

David H.
Best soap ever

I've never used black soap before I found sheayourway at a market and gave it a try, this has been the best solution to my skin problems I am not going to use any other soap