About Us

Shea Your Way provides a new way of caring for the one thing that’s constantly being bombarded by natural and non-natural elements alike on a daily basis; our skin! While simply trying to care for my husband, who was dealing with a severe case of athlete's foot, and after exhausting all of the over the counter options, I began to put my hands to creating a solution, a product that could help.

With me being a woman who is a health conscious person, my primary concern was that it had to be all natural, great for the skin (especially) ethnic skin, with healing, soothing, and nurturing properties that was not only easy to apply but was actually a joy to do so as well. After doing some extensive research and a few trial and errors...eureka!, Shea Your Way was born.

Literally after applying a personalized batch of Shea Your Way, that was created specifically for my husband, meaning not only did it tend to the athletes foot, but it also catered to the type of moisturizing and conditioning that his feet needed, being he spent most of his time on his feet, there were immediate results. Around the same time a skin product that I enjoyed using was discontinued. Whelp, I’ll create a batch of Shea Your Way for me as well. Using only what I wanted and what I needed from the type of sheabutter to the specific essential oils, and even some fragrances, I realized that we can have options. So that’s what we decided to do, create a way for you to get shea butter how you want it, the way you want it, and cater specifically to “Your” skin. Thus ...Shea Your Way.



Shea Your Way is an independent LLC founded in 2020. We are a husband and wife duo with a team who believes in the brand, the product, and the vision. Our headquarters is right outside of Houston, Texas where we personally create, package, and ship our products directly to you.  We take extreme pride in every single order that’s made by all the different and wonderful people who order their specially made skin care from us.


Core Values:

We at Shea Your Way believes that essentially “We” are our product! We not only guarantee a great product, but you can also take heart in knowing that the  whole Shea Your Way team stands firm and without waiver on being part of a working family that’s led by Integrity, Responsibility,  Honor, and Character. For in these are the foundation to every great relationship. Shea Your Way is here to build relationships with those we serve by consistently providing you with a great personalized product that makes you feel like someone gets it.  


We here at Shea Your Way truly desire to see people at their best, and having beautiful healthy skin helps aid with that. We created Shea Your Way simply because we care.